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Photo Credit: Moises DePena | Editing Credit: Marvin Cruz

24-year-old pop-country recording artist, actress, and mental health advocate Arizona Lindsey has most recently been in production for her highly anticipated new album “The Process” which is now out on all major music streaming platforms as of April 9th, 2021. “The Process” drives the listener through the experience of lifechanging trauma and the process of trauma recovery. Lindsey’s debut, “The Castle You Built Me” premiered in July of 2018 to critical acclaim.

In support of the album, her new single, “Anxiety” was pre-released in February 2020. Arizona followed up the release with a live performance and media tour including; but not limited to The Grindhouse Radio (iHeartRadio), WUSB 90.1 FM and WHPC 90.3 FM (where “Anxiety” had been receiving regular airplay). Continuing her tour schedule prior to the pandemic – Lindsey made countless appearances throughout New York (encompassing the Hudson Valley and Westchester County regions, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island), New Jersey, North Carolina (Jacksonville & Charlotte), and winding down in New Orleans, LA. Ari was nominated for two NY Readers’ Choice Awards in the 2020 Chronogram Magazine: “Readers’ Choice of Activist/Advocate and Local Artist”

garnering new fans in the Mid-West. It’s no wonder that Arizona Lindsey has been captivating audience’s attention worldwide; as she approaches her music with a sweet-sounding voice, passionate vocal performances, and powerful, heartfelt lyricism.

Arizona has become a regular featured artist on East Coast Radio including Last-FM, Blast-FM, WUSB Homegrown Long Island, Granite Coast Entertainment, Inc., and WHPC Rising Stars to name a few. Once Lindsey opted to take her dynamic message from audio to video, she teamed up with seven-time Emmy Award winner, Chris Sassano to film the video for the single, “Close the Window” which quickly became a fan favorite. Her video for, “The Desired Way” has been in rotation on IndieArtist TV (Roku Music Streaming Channel) and has seen great success.

As a passionate mental health advocate and growing public figure, Lindsey also works to de-stigmatize mental health - promoting wellness and empowerment. She aims to reach others about these important messages through her lyrics as she writes about mental health as well as conducts open conversations with her fan base on social media. She speaks openly to her audience about her goals and experiences, stating, “I want to open conversation in communities about mental health, wellness, and how to build stronger support systems. No matter what it is you are going through, you’re never alone. It does get better, but it’s certainly a process. My work as an advocate and artist is to help people through that process; for the good parts and the really challenging ones.”

Lindsey was crowned the winner of the Gold Coast Arts Center’s Your Big Break Competition, and performed for major regional annual events including the Montauk Music Festival and the Hudson Valley “Music Networking Conference.” Furthermore, she was hand selected by former VP of Warner Chappell Music, Judy Stakee, to be a songwriter for her company’s songwriting retreat. 


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